About Us

About Us


Koye Rhodes, a.k.a The Pit Master-Founder of RHODES BBQ discovered American BBQ in Southern Illinois University at Carbondale during his College days in the USA.


Growing up in Lagos in the very socialite Rhodes family, we celebrated family events and reunions like Christmas, birthdays and weddings with whole hog roast and believe this is where Koye’s love for BBQ began so many years ago.


Koye had a vision 15 years ago to serve great tasting good value BBQ food cooked in the traditional southern style. This made him return to the USA and was trained and mentored by the American legendary BBQ maestro Mike Mills, four times winner of the World Barbeque Championship the Memphis In May BBQ competition. They developed the secret recipes for the Rhodes BBQ sauce and Magic Dust. These are the key parts of what makes Rhodes BBQ Smokehouse brand so unique.


He later started Rhodes BBQ Smokehouse in London, opening his first BBQ Shack in Wapping, East London. His restaurant got great reviews both by the Press and Clients. TIME OUT LONDON gave it a four star rating and rated Rhodes BBQ one of the best BBQ restaurant in London.


Traditional Southern Style Barbeque is not grilled BBQ as most people see BBQ in this part of the world.  It is cooked low and slow in a wood-burning oven that smokes and flavours slowly and at very low temperature. The result is meat that is tender and full of flavour - Southern style barbeque. When served with Rhodes Magic Dust and our unique Barbeque sauce, simple ingredients become a delicious culinary experience.


Welcome to our world, sit back, chill and enjoy some real Southern Barbeque, cooked “low and slow”